In a world that often buzzes with activity, the quiet energies of crystals and the cleansing essence of sage offer a path to serenity and renewal. For beginners, these ancient tools might hold an air of mystery, but their potential for personal growth and well-being is timeless. This guide introduces the world of crystals—Selenite, Clear Quartz, Red Jasper, Rose Quartz, Amethyst—and the herb sage, as allies in your journey. Each crystal possesses distinct qualities, from soothing to energizing, while sage carries a cleansing ritual that refreshes spaces. Uncover the stories and uses behind these natural elements, from their histories to practical tips for integrating them into your life. As you embrace this exploration, you'll find a chance to connect with yourself, your environment, and the energies that flow through everything. Begin this enchanting journey—one that could lead you to deeper insights and a greater sense of harmony.

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The kit includes all you will need to start your crystal journey.

Selenite Stick Charging/Cleansing

Clear Quartz Tumble Stone (Charging)

Red Jasper Tumble Stone (Grounding)

Rose Quartz Tumble Stone (Heart)

Amethyst Tumble Stone (Intuition)

Sage for Clearing negative energy

It comes with a booklet and is presented in a beautiful wooden chest.