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Journaling and why you should do it!

So, what is journaling? Journaling is writing out your deepest thoughts on paper without any restrictions. Now do not let journaling be confused with keeping a diary as they are not the same. Keeping a diary is to write down what has happened to you on that day. Journaling is done on a whole other level. When you journal, you are brain dumping all your thoughts, worries, happiness, and deepest desires, in fact you can write anything at all just put down whatever comes into your mind. You can do journaling every day, every week, or every month it is up to you; I keep my journal at the side of my bed and write in it every evening before I go to sleep. You might wonder why journal? Is it not just a waste of time and effort? The short answer is no. we all have our mind monkeys, and we constantly debate back and forward with our inner thoughts on what is right or wrong, but when you put your thoughts down on paper it helps you to see things more clearly. You might be thinking I share my thoughts with friends or family members, but you do not always want to share your deepest thoughts in fear of ridicule or nay sayers. Journaling helps you get clarity on your dreams and desires. It becomes a habit so when your feeling anxious, happy, upset or confused you can just write. Journaling is also a check in tool, you can look back at your journals for answers and you can see if your repeating habits or thoughts. Five reasons to journal 

  • Your journal will become your best friend and your therapist, it will be there for you all the time not judging or interrupting you.
  • Get into the habit of looking back over your journals you can track pattens of behaviour and personal growth.
  • Journaling is not expensive to do, you just need a pen and notebook.
  • Journaling gets to the inner you, deep down in your subconscious. You can problem solve and get creative. You get rid of things you do not need to be worrying about. It can also be an incubator where you tap into your imagination, and you unleash your creative side and ideas.
  • You give a voice to your dreams and desires; it is a safe place for them to be till you are ready to tell them to the world.

Just give it a go its fun and you will find it really helps.

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